Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium September 13-15, 2019

Logistics and FAQ’s

Logistics and FAQ’s


Session Locations

Sessions take place in several places during the weekend:

Cape Forchu in Yarmouth, Lobster Bay in Argyle, Tusket Island as well as Cape Sable Island labeled as Clarks Harbour on the map.

We try to match the sessions with the conditions that will occur at the various locations during the weekend.


Morning Briefing

Each morning we meet at the Ye Olde Argyler for the morning briefing 8:30 sharp. At that time you will be given the details on the weather, tidal and swell forecast. The lead coach for the session you are in will call your name out and inform you what location you will be working in. You maybe required to travel up to 25 minutes to your location to get the most out of the session you have signed up for.


Each day will run from 8:30 to 4:30. The days will start at the event base with a morning briefing. Once the briefing has happened your lead coach will be called out and you will join them to work out the details for the day. Participants should show up partial dress to paddle for the day. This will get you and your coach on the water faster to enjoy the day.


The water temperature in late September in the lower part of the Bay of Fundy can vary.  The average water temperatures would be around 12-14 C (Low 50’s F). Air temperatures can run between 14-20 C (High 60’s F). Thermal protection is required for all sessions. Wetsuits with a paddling jacket will work but a dry suit would be a better choice.  Any session that involve tidal currents, surfing, rocks will required the use of helmets. Please insure you have all the other required coast guard equipment as well as extra clothing, water, snacks and personal paddling clothing. Kayaks must have two hatches and participants should wear skirts for most sessions at the event. PFD must be warn at all times while on the water at the event.

If you want to buy the chat for the area there are two that cover the paddling area. 4244 and 4242 they can be ordered from Maps and More


Boat Rental

We are working with several outfitters in Nova Scotia to help those who are flying in and require boats.

Multiple outfitters have also offered to provide rental boat options and their contact details are below:

Committed 2 the Core Sea Kayak Coaching: Contact Christopher Lockyer

Price: 200 for fibreglass sea kayak for the weekend and 155 for plastic sea kayak for the weekend.

Boat Transport

If you choose to rent a kayak they will delivered boats to the event and there will be trailers traveling to most venues each day so transportation will not be an issue. No need to put boats on rental cars.

Dry suits

If you require a dry suit they can be rented a kokatat suit from the event. The cost for the weekend is $60 and all money raised will go to a charity that is chosen by the planning committee. Please use the signup sheet to reserve a drys suit.

Car pooling

If you are looking to carpool, we would be happy to message participants and place it on our Facebook site to help you.










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